Stowe Faire II: the Revenge of the Elephants

We had such a great time, we're gonna do it again! Feel free to contact the Stewards with any ideas for collegia - what you can run and what you would like to see run and if you can merchant on the weekend.

The event is fully catered all the way through. Bring camping gear. Some dorms are available, but these are limited, so first in first served. Tent space is also available and we have a number of Girl Guides bell tents that we can put up for you if you are travelling and don't want the hassle of bringing a tent with you (first in, first served).

The Steward this time is MoG and he would like to hear from anyone who has feedback from the first Stowe Faire or who has ideas for the next. It's your event, tell him what you want!

Why the elephants? Well, last year, we said we'd have everything else but elephants and got a surprise when they turned up in a Baronial Court, so we thought we'd do honor to the elephants from last year and host this Stowe Faire in their name.

Thursday, 26th - Sunday the 29th January, 2006.

Austral Girl Guides Camp. Corner of 4th and 12th Avenue, Austral, Sydney, NSW, Australia.