Master Johan von Traubenburg passes.

Leifr Hjalmsson and Hrefna in heppna, Steven Jensen and Raven Fagelson, report that Master Johan von Traubenburg has died in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.

They write:

Unto the populace of Æthelmearc and most especially those within the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands:

John Kasper, better known in the Society as Master Johan von Traubenburg, died this afternoon (Monday, October 24th) at Allegheny General Hospital. His loving wife, Baroness Arianna of Wynthrope was with him at the time. Johan is survived by her and their two sons, Kenneth and Robert.

For those you unaware, Johan sustained several injuries at a work site on October 11. Despite his injuries, he was in good spirits and improving. Things took a very sudden turn today and the cause of death is yet unknown.

Funeral arrangements are not yet settled but will be disseminated once made. A future memorial in a style more fitting to Johan will probably be in the further future.

If gentles would like more information, please contact us at 412-361-6874.

In memory for an excellent friend,

Leifr Hjalmsson and Hrefna in heppna
Steven Jensen and Raven Fagelson

I knew him quite well for ove

I knew him quite well for over 15 years. I'm personally devastated by this news. I frequently camped with his household, Polyhymnia, at Pennsic, and this past war had hired his son Kenneth to help me at my merchant's booth. One of the last times I saw him was at the Polyhymnia camp this past Pennsic, enjoying one of the meals he had prepared for the household.

My heart goes out to his lovely wife, who has been a dear friend to me for many years.

AEthelmearc and the BMDL will never be the same - his loss will be the equivalent of our "Katrina."

In great sorrow,
Master Huen