Calontir On-Line Auction TOTALS & Close Information

PLEASE FORWARD TO ANY AND ALL LISTS: Thank you to one and all who helped to make the On-Line Auction, to benefit Medieval Disaster Relief, the success that it was. Whether you were a donator, or bidder, or simply just a promoter of the event, we could not have accomplished what we did without you. I watched each item close out to make sure I had the winners name and winning bid, and providing my numbers are all accurate (haven't found any inconsistencies yet) the total amount of all of the winning bids was $6,680.50! We also finished with a total of 145 items sold! Below is a complete listing, first by item name, then followed by (by winning bidders name). So please check the lists carefully to see if you won. If you did not receive automatic notice of your winning bid from the auction website, but see your name below, please contact me at or I will be happy to provide you with the information you need. (There was apparently some small issue with hotmail notifications, still trying to pinpoint issue, but was told by mundane IT friends that they had had problems with hotmail all week). I will do my best to make sure all buyers and sellers are put together as we work to collect the auction funds. Finally, please remember when writing your checks, make them payable to "Medieval Disaster Relief", denoting what item(s) you won in the memo section. Then mail your check to "Blair Peterson, 248 F Chapel Ridge Drive, Hazelwood, MO, 63042". I will notify each donator once payment has been received so they may begin arrangement for pick-up/delivery. BY ITEM: One gold filled wire circlet $37.00 Absolutely Nothing! $100.00 (Believe this was a king) $50.00 Gift Certificate to The Haunted Bookshop $34.00 Conna (1) 2' x 3' Heraldic Banner $106.00 Cuilen O'Rothlain (2) 5 Yard Tablet Woven Belt $30.00 Ljfa (2) dozen glass beads in heraldic colors $50.00 Yesenda de Gray (2) Dozen Glass Beads - 2nd Priority $50.00 Yesenda de Gray (4) 1806 tarnish free silver cup reproductions $140.00 Talia “Chanson de Geste

Auction Donation Checks for winning bids

Auction Donation Checks for winning bids were set to be due November 1. To date, I have received $3,688, which includes a couple of checks that were rounded up to the nearest dollar or even dollar value. This leaves an outstanding balance of $3032.50 in bids. I will be sending all checks that have already arrived to Lethrenn today, so that there is not a large delay between the time they're written and the time they're deposited. I will be sending the next batch in one week. Therefore if you still have an outstanding bid that you need to send in your donation for, please submit this check ASAP. If you are a auction item donator and you are looking to contact your winning bidder, but they did not submit a phone number in their auction information, you can most likely find their number by entering their name and state info into zabasearch(dot)com, and then verifying their address. I will begin working on follow-up with all items still outstanding as of November 8th. So please send in your payment soon, and thank you again for all of your support for Medieval Disaster Relief. In service, Lord Lukas Mesmer Kingdom Fundraising Coordinator - Calontir