East Kingdom Archers Win 2002 IKAC

East Kingdom was victorious in the 2002 Open Inter Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC). Kofryna the Goatherd reported on the East Kingdom list that the East kingdom archers have won the 2002 IKAC. The team was composed of Lorenzo il Confuso, Rupert the Unbalanced, and Ragnar Two-Axe. They were victorious in a field of 592 archers from 16 kingdoms. Congratulations!

What a team!

Hmmmmm.... "il Confuso", "the Unbalanced", and "Two-Axe". And they carry longbows! Should we be worried? :-)

Seriously -- Congratulations to the East Kingdom archers. Not that we Midrealmers won't try to even the score at Pennsic. But for now, congratulations.