Midrealm Crown Tourney to feature jousting demo

The Middle Kingdom's Crown Tournament, to be held October 22, will feature a demonstration of jousting combat, a newly-sanctioned activity in the SCA.

Jousting combat has only recently become permitted in the SCA, with the first official rules being published in April 2005. THL Timotheous Symmes, Pentemere Regional Equestrian Marshal, says that the jousting demonstration will "not be a tournament, to avoid drawing away from the importance and tradition of Crown."

THL Timotheous writes,

THL James MacPherson, Dean of the Equestrian College for the Middle Kingdom, will present a demonstration of the Behorde and Joust at Crown Tournament. It is in honor of Their Royal Majesties, Edmund and Kateryn, as they prepare to receive Their heirs. The demonstration will take place after the semi-final round as the finalists receive a well-deserved break before the final bout.

Baroness Ioan verch David, the Marshal of the Equestrian List, will explain the Middle Kingdom rules and a history of the Behorde, mounted combat. Four combantants will take the list, in the spirit of the 14th century tournament. THL James MacPherson, THL Timotheous Symmes, Lord Seamus Blackhart, and Matt Rehagen will all attempt to be the sole rider with their crest intact.

The Middle Kingdom Curia, supported by the Earl Marshal Palymar approved the Joust rules at Pennsic. Baroness Ioan will review the qualifications and history, then call upon THL Macpherson and Timotheous to take lances. It will be a three pass/lance Joust.

There will be processions, and more.

The "original article" link below goes to the Crown Tournament web site, which has more information about the event and the jousting demo.