New Heirs for Ealdormere

Magistra Nicolaa offers this detailed report of the Ealdormere Crown Tournament, in which Count Aaron Preslee Worgenson won the day for the honour of Countess Rustique.

A field of fourteen fighters contested the autumn Crown Tourney in Ealdormere in Ashford-on-Avon (Stratford, ON) October 15. The tourney was fought in a round-robin format, with each bout decided by three counted blows.

Duke Roak of Ealdormere, fighting for Lady Jocea of Ealdormere, advanced to the finals undefeated. His opponent, who had lost only to Roak, was Count Aaron Preslee Worgenson, fighting for Countess Rustique, who had recently completed her term as Kingdom Seneschal.

The finals were to consist of up to five bouts, each fought to three counted forms. The five forms were to be greatsword, two weapons, sword and shield, polearm, and single sword. Roak was given the honor of choosing the first form and chose greatsword. Aaron chose polearm for the second bout, Roak sword and shield for the third bout, Aaron two weapon for the fourth bout, and the fifth would be single sword, should it be needed.

Roak won the first bout, then Aaron took the next three to emerge victorious in the tourney. It was a well-fought and chivalrous tourney, and the finals were no exception. Wassail to the new Prince and Princess of Ealdormere, Aaron and Rustique!