SCA Trailer Stolen in An Tir

Kaðlin in Stórráða has reported that a trailer belonging to HL Kolfinna and Sir Torfin containing much SCA gear was stolen from their home in Portland, Oregon October 14, 2005.

M. Kaðlin writes:

HL Kolfinna and Sir Torfin had their SCA trailer stolen on Friday. It was chained up outside their home in Portland, Oregon. It was a brand new, black trailer (sorry, I don't have the license number right now!). If you happen to see things matching these descriptions come up on ebay as a lot, or elsewhere, please let them know. I can forward messages and more specific descriptions as needed.

They have filed a police report, and several people are chipping in to help them rebuild their tourney gear.

Here is the initial list of missing items:

  • Ash wood bench
  • Big wood trestle table
  • Small wood trestle table
  • Wood cooler box
  • Wood kitchen box
  • Small wood box - our "daytrip" box
  • Big "throne" chair - made by one of Finn's guys
  • Leather/wood stool
  • Small wood side table
  • 3 burner gas cookstove
  • 2 burner propane cookstove
  • Handmade pottery (Morgaina, Kada & a fabu Westie): 2 lg glasses, 3 bowls, and 2 very small bowls
  • Togul drinking horn
  • Sheepskins - 1 lg and 2 sm
  • Memory foam mattress topper
  • 4x8 Jute area rug
  • 4x8 wool rug
  • 2 compact lanterns
  • 4-D Maglite flashlight
  • 2 water jugs
  • 2 foam mattresses
  • Cast iron griddle
  • Dbl-headed axe - mundane, for wood splitting
  • Small horn bowl
  • Small wood keg
  • Stainless steel coffee pot
  • Stainless steel 3-pot set
  • Miscellaneous stuff: sheets and pillows wool blankets kitchen utensils

M. Kaðlin in Stórráða