Newcomer's Feast a Success

Lady Tama, Seneschal for the Incipient Shire of Pavlovsk Gavan (Kodiak, Alaska), Principality of Oertha, reports on the success of the recent Newcomer's Feast.

Lady Tama writes:

Many thanks to Baron Bjarni and Baroness Annora for joining us in our third annual Newcomer's Feast! Thanks also to the numerous gentles who sent on well wishes, but were unable to join us! Look towards April when we celebrate our next event the Fantastic Fairytale Fete.

We had 42 attendees at this year's feast. This is our second highest event attendance!

The combination Boffer Tourney and Marshalling class was a stunning success. Baron Bjarni explained the similarities and differences between "marshalling" a boffer tourney, and the requirements for Marshalling competitions with rapier or heavy weapons. Individuals interested in fighting boffer then constructed, or repaired, weapons under the direction and guidance of Brendan. Baron Bjarni returned with many of the adults present to supervise boffer fighters in three age divisions. Weapons and armor checks were made and a single elimination tourney commenced. Daniel was the champion for the youngest age bracket, Ariana for the middle group and Brendan for the older youth.

Contestants for the castle siege then divided into two large teams with equal numbers of adults, teens and younger children. Beanbags were distributed, rules were explained and at the call of "lay on" a tremendous flurry of beanbags went on. Those struck in the arms or legs lost their use, body shots were kills and head shots were strictly off-limits. After 10 minutes of pitched battle, (it looked like an extremely colorful snowball fight and is about the funniest thing I've ever seen!!) the last surviving member of the dexter team was eliminated by His Excellency and the winners were awarded the beanbags as their prizes.

Classes on long armed cross-stitch, Heddeby pouch construction and dancing were conducted respectively by Baroness Annora, Lady Tama and Stephan through what remained of the afternoon. All were well attended and participants appeared to enjoy themselves greatly. Those in the first two classes left with projects either completed or in progress.

Feast was absolutely amazing! Each course was finished with a subtlety. The first course featured a large swan whose "Guts" were crepes with jam. The subtlety for the second course was gilded seashells filled with sugared nuts. The third and final course had a tree covered with small pouches in a multitude of colors, each was filled with a candied viola.

Between the first and second course, the children were invited to hunt the multi-colored bull. Beginning with the youngest child present and working up through the oldest interested, each chased after the bull (he was a pinata on wheels). Each hunter was allowed two attempted swings at the bull with a rattan sword. Many valiant attempts were made, with Forrest finally slaughtering the bull and gaining the title of champion bull hunter.

After the second course, a Shire Moot was held which was presided over by Their Excellencies, Bjarni and Annora, and the Shire Seneschal, Lady Tama. Announcements were made about upcoming activities. Prizes were awarded to the boffer champions and the champion bull hunter. The Daniel, Brendan and Forrest each received a kit for making their own leather belt, with their choice of buckle and Ariana received a pouch containing necklace, bracelet and small painted jewelry box. The feastocrat, Lady Gwenhyvar, and the autocrat, Lady Tama, were given Eskalyan Suns in recognition of the work and energy put into the day's event.

My thanks to all who helped with this event. Our members are an amazing group and I am very proud to be your Seneschal!

Lady Tama
Seneschal, Herald, Rapier Marshall-in-training and Scribe for the Incipient Shire of Pavlovsk Gavan, Principality of Oertha