Day of the Troubadors

Barony of Ben Dunfirth presents another Day of the Troubadors...

Event site: Wesley United Church, 69 Superior Street, Brantford, ON N3S 2K5

For more details for activities, tournament information, heraldry classes, feast information as it comes up, please go to:

Event date: Saturday, December 10, 2005
Site opening and closing times: 9 am open, 10:30 close
Site fees (Canadian Funds): $6 adults, $5 students (13-18) and $3 children (5-12), Feast $14.
(Non-member surcharge of $4 will be in effect)

Event stewards:

co-steward: Tarquin Bjornsson
MKA: Chris Horsfall

co-steward: Caitilin inghean Tomais ui Dhuibhir
MKA: Kathy Page

Reservation steward:
THL Mauvrneen MacKellar
mka Mary-Ellen Haughie

William, Duke of Normandy's 7,000 soldiers landed at Pevensey on the morning of the 28th September 1066. The battle of Hastings began at about nine o'clock on the 14th October and lasted most of the day. After William had won the Battle of Hastings he set about conquering the rest of England . By the end of November William controlled most of the old lands of Wessex . He left his loyal knights vast estates and permission to build castles while he continued his conquest of England.

The fair Knight, Sir Edward the Red was given Ealdormere by right of arms. He brought with him his skilled wife, Mistress Rylyn and young son, Aetheling Jobjorn. Together this new Royal Family wished to continue Their rule with peace and prosperity and asked the good people of Ben Dunfirth to show the populace of Ealdormere His good will and generosity.

And plan a feste they did. Although unfamiliar with the customs and traditions of their Norman King, they have planned entertainment to delight all the senses - tournies of peace, heralds boasting the combatants they had been retained by with grand pomp and circumstance, dance, song and verse, skillful artisans teaching the curious, heady scents of busy cooks in the cooking shed and merchants happily selling you wares - all the trappings the honourable folk can provide. William the Conqueror is expected to take Lunden by December - right in time for our festum. King Edward's plan to keep the populace well fed and content with peaceful distraction might prove advantageous to William's goal. Besides, who is going to turn down great fighting, delightful entertainment and fabulous food???!

Directions to the site:


Find your best way to 403 W, take the Wayne Gretzky Parkway exit. 0.4 km, turn left onto Wayne Gretzky Parkway 2.8 km, turn right onto Colborne St. E. (Hwy 2&53 W). Continue to follow Colborne St. E. (Hwy 2&53 W) 1.4 km, turn left onto M urray St . 0.9 km, turn right onto Greenwich S t . 0.1 km, turn slight left onto Cayuga St.. 0.2 km, end at 69 Superior St.


Merge onto 401 E. 44.4 km, take the Hwy-403 exit- exit 235- toward Brantford/Hamilton. 1.2 km, merge onto 403 E. 32.4 km. Take the Hwy-2 exit toward East Brantford . 0.7 km, turn slight right onto hwy 2/Paris Rd. Continue to follow hwy 2 4.2 km. Stay straight to go onto Brant Ave. 0.1 km. * Brant Ave. becomes Icomm Dr. 0.4 km. Turn right onto Market St. S. 0.3 km, turn left onto Erie Ave. 0.7 km, turn left onto Cayuga St. 0.2 km.*


Make your best way to Hwy 8 E. 8.8 km, Stay straight to go onto 401 E. 2.5 km. Take the Hespeler Rd./Hwy-24 S, exit 282- toward Brantford . 0.6 km. Turn slight left to take the hwy-24 S ramp. 0.1 km, Turn slight right onto Hespeler Rd./Hwy-24 S. Continue to follow hwy 24 S. 6.0 km. Turn right onto Water St S/hwy 24 S. Continue to follow hwy 24 S. 24.0 km Turn left onto Brant Ave/hwy 2/hwy 24. Continue to follow Brant ave. *From this point it is the same as above.