Winter's Night

With the fast approaching Winter's Night, and the Goddess Hel's Army of Undead preparing to invade, we must join forces to unite our numbers so that these minions will be sent back through the very gate they plan to use. As our Heros of Oertha are sure to out numbered, I have found a great knight who can help train us, Syr Sagan, a Knight who will be traveling from our lower kingdom to join us and help vanquish these foul minions of the dead.

Syr Sagan is a great trainer and maker of Kings in our known world. To start the weekend of Winter's Night, I will hold a fighter practice at my manor Friday night starting at 6:00pm. Saturday after the tourney at the event I have scheduled time for him to give us a class as to different fighting tips and techniques. The following Sunday we shall journey him on the road to Ravensfjord to help our fellow Oerthans who live in the Shire. This is truely a grand oppertunity, as his reknown far preceedes him.

The veil grows thin and already Hel's scouts are already making their way through. Hidden in a dark fog that rolls from the other side. The one I vanquished last evening near my manor, gave up the location of the gate between the worlds, so I call upon the Army of Oertha and all who can read these words. Join the Baroney of Selveirgard and celebrate Winter's Night with fighting, song and feast at the VFW Post 9785 in Eagle River.

Site will open at 12:00 p.m. and close at 9:00. ( as minors must be off site at that time ) Thank you in advance to those who show up early for set up.

Site Fee.......adults $8.00 and children $ rate.......$20.00

Feast is potluck with the meat and bread provided by the Barony. If your SCA first name begins with:

  • A-G Desserts
  • H-M Main Dish
  • N-R Salads/Veggies
  • S-Z Side Dish/ Starches
please bring enough to share with at least 8 people.

Is anybody willing to contribute to hire a bartender for the evening? If so please email me off list at