Great Deeds from Great Western

Lady Elsa Saxenkammer, a bard from the West Kingdom, relates a story of deeds of honor from the recent Great Western War.

Lady Elsa writes:

Great deeds, you say?

I bring to you the tale of the mighty force who won the war!

Upon the field of battle Saturday morning, His Majesty Jade spoke to the troops. He told them that there were people who wanted to track points for the armies and tell them at the end of the weekend who had won. He then ceded unto King Deitrich of Caid all such points. He declared Caid the winners and suggested that they now fight for the pure joy and glory of battle. His Majesty of Caid graciously thanked him and then promptly ceded back all war points declaring his opponents to be the winners.

Throughout the event, tireless folks made the rounds, stopping at encampments to pick up bags of trash and serenading those around them in a grand and glorious fashion. All persons wearing red were treated to a rousing chorus of "Lady in Red" (or "Squire in Red" as appropriate). There was much merriment spread. On Sunday morning His Majesty of the West stopped them on their rounds and ceded all war points to them. As the trash patrol, victors of Great Western War, drove into the distance they could be heard singing again. This time, it was "We Are The Champions".