Report, Photos and Video from Aethelmearc's 2005 Fall Crown Tourney

Lady Katriona has posted photos and video from the recent AEthelmearc Fall 2005 Crown Tournament.

Twenty two combatants fought for the Honors on the field in the Shire of Hartstone, Kingdom of Aethelmearc.

The Semis matched Sir Christopher Rawlins and Sir Sextus Plinius Callidus. Earl Sir Malcolm McEoghain fought THL Duncan von Halstern. The format continued from the earlier Matchs of best 2 out of 3.

In the Finals Sir Christopher won the 1st and 4th Bouts (Florentine and Great Sword respectively) and Earl Sir Malcolm won bouts 2, 3 and 5 (Sword and Shield, Pole Arm and Sword and Shield). In the first bout there were five double kills before Sir Christopher landed an unanswered kill.

Honor, Chivalry and Grace were evident throughout the day in too many ways to recount or recall. The rain held off until after the Tourney was complete although it was windy, raw and drizzly all day.

In court that evening, Their Majesties invited Their Sylvan Highnesses, Malcolm and Tessa into Their Presence. Their Majesties received Their Highnesses' Oath of Fealty and invited Them to take Their rightful places as the Heirs of the Kingdom.

Myghin Ine Skylycorne >^..^< and the members of the Shire of Hartstone held a silent auction throughout the day. A total of $415 was raised, and will be used to purchase gift cards for the SCA members that lost thier possessions due to the recent hurricanes.

I've posted pictures of Aethelmearc's Fall Crown Tourney for your enjoyment. (There are also pictures of Coronation there too!)

My thanks to Hus Faerhaga for hosting my movies of the finals. They can be viewed here: