Publication Focuses on Early Period Research

"Early Period," published online by Fuiltigherne ni Ruadh O'Finn, is a quarterly magazine dealing with pre-1066 CE topics. The latest issue has just been put online. Persons looking for articles on early period topics will want to stop by Early Period, a publication chock full of articles of interest to those with early period personas. The latest issue to go online, #6, includes the following topics:

* Early Period Grains and Their Uses
* Pattern Transfer Idea
* Practical Combat Footwear
* Aethelthryth's Catalogs
* Forks
* Embroidery Patterns form Extant Trims
* Pronouncing Welsh
* Irish Shoes
* Ballymacomb Shoe
* Later Anglo-Saxon Dress
* Brocaded Tablet Weaving
* London Bridge
* On Persona: The Colour of Fighting
* Norse Marraige Customs
* The A-Tunic
* Gussets
* The Phrygian Cap