Armour Research Society Conference

The Armour Research Society will be having its annual conference in Chicago. This year we are flying in some of the biggest names in the field of arms and armour from all over the world to be our speakers. These are the guys who wrote the book on the topic (I mean that literally.) Included in this illustrious group will be.

  • David Edge, Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection, author of Arms and Armour of the Medieval Knight
  • Dr. Alan Williams, The University of Redding, author of The Knight and The Blast Furnace
  • Pierre Terjanian, Curator of Arms and Armour at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • Dr. Tobias Capwell, Curator of Arms and Armour for Glasgow Museums
  • Walter J. Karcheski, Chief Curator of Arms and Armor at the Frazier Arms Museum, author of Medieval Armour From Rhodes
  • and many more.

This conference is in Chicago so it is in the largest city near the center of the Continental US. Next year's conference will be in Europe so this is the chance for the North Americans out there to meet and listen to these amazing gentlemen.

As an added bonus this year we will be having the honor of displaying swords form the famous collection of Ewart Oakeshott. The honor of this viewing is courtesy of the Oakeshott Institute Mr. Christopher Poor and Mr. Craig Johnson will be on hand to walk you through the collection and answer questions. Handling of select objects will be encouraged.