St Catherines Faire

Soon it will be summer, and that means the start of the A.S. 40 Tourney Circuit. Scholars can put away their quills, merchants bring out their carefully hoarded goods, warriors put on their freshly polished armour.

One of the first events of the season is the Festival of St Catherine of Alexandria - patron saint of philosophers, students and we folk of the City of Ildhafn.

It is the main weekend event for Ildhafn, the SCA group based around Auckland, New Zealand.

This year is the first time we have extended the event out to three days, which means more time for tournaments and wars, and to also accommodate the Ildhafn A&S Collegium which will run side by side with the Tourneys. We are also greatly honoured, as Their Majesties, Cornelius and Morwenna, will be visiting us on Their Royal Progress.

December is only 2 months away, so you need to book soon! (Get those cheap airfares while you can)

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