A Day of A&S

The al-Barran A&S Collegium, "A Day of A&S," will be held on Saturday, November 19, in the Williamson Education Hall of the Monte Vista Christian Church at 3501 Campus Blvd. NE, in Albuquerque.

The site is non-smoking, dry and opens at 8am. Classes will be in hourly increments from 9am to noon and from 1pm to 5pm. Parking in the church lot is limited, but there is parking available in the neighborhood. A lovely Donations Luncheon will be served from noon to 1pm, prepared by our Deputy Autocrat, Lady Thalauriana de Collier, Lady Sile O' Daragh and Lord Rab Wylkyn. There will be entertainment, a Desserts Competition with prizes, a Heraldic Consultation Table & a Court Dance Ball from 7-9:30pm. We will also have a Youth Room with supervised activities and classes 9am to noon and 1-5pm. From I-40, take the Carlisle exit, south past Lomas about 3 long blocks to Grand. Turn right/west onto Grand and go 2 very short blocks to the church. Site fee is $7 for adult members OR a new unwrapped toy (value of $5 or more). For non-members the site fee is $10 OR a new unwrapped toy and the $3 non-member surcharge. For Youth, age 6 to 17, the site fee is $3 or a new unwrapped toy. Children age 5 and under are free. Please make checks payable to SCA Inc.-- al-Barran.

In addition to the many A&S classes, the annual display competition for our Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion will be held and chosen by Their Excellencies. All are invited to come and display their arts and their scientific knowledge for all to see. In addition to Baronial Champion, other awards will be given, including Baron's choice, Baroness' choice, most unique artistic entry, most unique scientific entry and others. Tri-fold displays and documentation are preferred, but not required, and all entrants wishing to compete for Baronial Champion must have a subscription to the Baronial Shaft. Subscriptions will be available on site for $10. All wishing to display must check in with Lady Emer Fitton at the site by 11am and all displays must be set up by noon. For those entrants wishing in-depth commentary on their work in preparation for Kingdom Arts and Sciences, personal commentary is offered. To receive commentary, please contact Lady Emer, no later than Nov 12, at kbutler@salud.unm.edu. Additionally, if you would like to help an artisan or scientist grow in their field of interest by providing commentary, please contact Lady Emer with your fields of expertise.

Schedule of Classes and Instructors: Scribal Arts Classes: 11am-noon Beginning Calligraphy, Mistress Maria Sol de Leon, al-Barran; 9-10am Introduction to Scribal Arts in the Outlands, Basic Layout and Illumination, THLady Ymanya Murray, al-Barran; 3-4pm Creating Award Scrolls Based on the Book of Kells and Other Irish Gospels, Lord Llywus ap Alan, Drygestan; 4-5pm Scrolls That Fit--Personalizing Award Scrolls, Lord Llywus ap Alan, Drygestan; 10-11am Acanthus Leaves, Mistress Joella of Blue Lion's Keep, Citadel; 1-2pm 14th and 15th Century Illumination Techniques, Mistress Sarah de Montgomerie, al-Barran; 2-3pm Gilding the Scroll, Part I, Mistress Monika von Zell assisted by Lady Brighid Og inghean Neill, al-Barran and 3-4pm Gilding the Scroll, Part II--Mistress Averil du Bois d'Avignon, Citadel. Fiber Arts Classes: 2-3pm Lucet Cording, Sayidda Maimuna al-Bukhariyya, Drygestan; 9-10am Beginning Stumpwork, Mistress Richenza de Wydu, al-Barran; 9-11am Basic Inkle Weaving, Lord Y Port Lairge, al-Barran and 11am-noon Inkle Weaving Pickup Techniques, Lady Bianca Mantegna, al-Barran. Needle Arts Classes: 3-4pm Simple Cross-and Tent-Stitch, Sayidda Maimuna al-Bukhariyya, Drygestan; 4-5pm Embroidery for Largesse, Sayidda Maimuna al-Bukhariyya, Drygestan; 1-2pm Middle Eastern Embroidery, Mistress Richenza de Wydu, al-Barran; 2-4pm Metal Thread Embroidery, THLady Diana of Llanberris, al-Barran; 1-2pm A 'Netted' Crocheted Snood, Lady Lyneya del Filde, al-Barran and 10am-noon Bone Needles, Master Tómas Téarloch Fraser, al-Barran. Costuming Classes: 11am-noon Period Pictures & How to Sew by Them, Mistress Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod, al-Barran; 10-11am Fabrics 101, Mistress Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod, al-Barran and 1-2pm Making Hand Wrapped Tassels with a Bead Cage, Lady Elanor Dreamweaver, Drygestan, Performing Arts Classes: 1-2pm Court Dancing 101, Lord Canus Dragonblood, al-Barran; 3-4pm Court Dancing of the Fast and Flirty Variety, Lady Dubhchobhlaigh ingean ui Dhiarmada, al-Barran; 10am-noon Bardic Arts--Singing, Lord Tancred dAvighnon, al-Barran; 10-11am Beginning Middle Eastern Druming, Sir Marcus Arabis, al-Barran; 2-4pm Introduction to Music Theory, Lady Lin Shiao Mei, al-Barran; 9-10am Promoting and Teaching Court Dancing in your SCA Group, Lady Jayne Barber, al-Barran and 4-5pm The Writing of a Sonnet 101, Lord Thomas de Carisbourg, al-Barran. Jewelry Classes: 1-3pm Viking Wire Weaving, Lady Renee Nix de Livingstone, Drygestan; 11am-noon Beginning Chain Jewelry, Lord Thomas de Carisbourg, al-Barran and 3-5pm Simple Bead Weaving/Beaded Circlet, Lady Thalauriana de Collier, al-Barran. Heraldry Classes: 3-4pm Field Heraldry 101, Lord AEthelwulf the Goliard, al-Barran; 1-3pm Court Heraldry Made Easy and Done Right, Master Adam Stedefast, al-Barran; 9-10am Vocal Projection for Court and Field, Sheik Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh, Citadel and 4-5pm Title, Awards and Precedence in the Outlands, THL Cristobal Vasquez de Narriahondo, al-Barran. Cooking and Food Classes: 11am-noon Creating a Elizabethan Pleasure Garden, Mistress Richenza de Wydu, al-Barran; 9-10am Creating a Medieval Vegetable Garden, Lady Aithne, Drygestan and 1-2pm Sniff... Poke... What is that Stuff? Period Herbs and Spices, Ban-fili Cailte Caitchairn, al-Barran. Other Classes: 9-11am Runes, Runeforms & Basic Stone Carving, THLord Bjorn in gauzki, Citadel; 9-10am How to Judge an A&S Contest, Mistress Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod, al-Barran; 10-11am How to Be a Lady-in-Waiting, Baroness Tana a l'Esprit Fort, al-Barran and 4-5pm Expanding the Outlands A&S Website, Lady Jayne Barber, al-Barran. Youth and Games Classes: 9-11am Mah Jongg, Haniya bat Baruch, al-Barran and 11am-noon Simple Embroidery, Willow, al-Barran.

For further details about the event and each of the classes (including class descriptions, class fees, maximum # of students, minimum age of students, materials to bring to the class, etc.), please see our event website http://al-Barran.org/dayofas05. Youth, who meet the minimum age requirements of certain classes, are welcome to take those classes. You can sign up for classes that have a limit on the # of students, at the event starting at 8am. We also love our volunteers--so please let us know if you can give us an hour or two to help with gate, youth activities, the donations lunch, set up or clean up! If you or a friend needs crash space or you wish to volunteer, please contact the Autocrat, Lady Jayne Barber at krege@aps.edu