Hot Item at the Benefit Auction -- Tarts!

The Calontir Online Auction, benefitting Medieval Hurricane Relief, is now in full swing, with the donation deadline extended and enthusiastic support from donors and bidders. Colonel Jenna has an update.

The Calontir Online Auction to Benefit the Medieval Hurricane Relief Effort has as of 10/6/05 a total of 97 items for bid, ranging from the very famous Calontir traditional auction item of NOTHING!, to custom-made treasures, and everything in between. The hot Hot HOT bidding, however, has been on "Two dozen of my mother's buttertarts" donated by Mistress Bess Darnley of Earldomere. The frenzied competitors are using such handles as "ButterTart Mamma" and "just got paid -- ha ha!" when bidding, leading some viewers to check on the auction just to watch the bidding on this one item.

The auction is planned to run through October 21. Interested persons may witness the Buttertart Bidding War or jump in the fray for a good cause, by [following the "original article" link below].

Colonel Jenna
bard, historian, inter-kingdom anthropologist
buttertart fanatic

Thank you for the attention,

Thank you for the attention, but it is my mother's recipe!! Despite my mundane nationality, I am actually living in the Northern Shores Region of the East Kingdom.