Sorrow in Ansteorra as Lazarus of the Steppes passes on

Lord Lazarus Dragonrider has passed away in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. A friend, Lord Robin of Gilwell, offers his tribute to Lazarus.

Lazarus joined the SCA in the 1970s. He and his wife Gwyneth of Dragon's Keepe very quickly became active in the Clan Cadal, the Barony of the Steppes, and the Principality and Kingdom of Ansteorra. They had become inactive in the 90s; so many of you won't remember him, so let me share my memories.

He was unfailingly polite and consistently good-hearted. My image of Lazarus is him walking around the site on Friday evening with a hammer, helping people set up tents.

Lazarus was able to watch his wife become the fifth Queen of Love and Beauty of the Steppes, and his son John become the first child to receive a Rising Star of Ansteorra.

Lazarus was always fiercely and actively loyal to his friends, his household, his barony, and his kingdom. This caused him no difficulty because he never saw any conflict in his loyalties. Nor would he have understood if you tried to explain one.

Since "Dragonrider" is unregisterable, his name is officially "Lazarus of the Steppes", a fact which caused him no dismay at all. He will always be Lord Lazarus Dragonrider to this herald.

Gentle soul, loyal friend, loving husband, caring father. He will be missed.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

Reprinted by kind permission of Lord Robin.