Innilgard Winter Collegium

As it has been a very 6 months for our Barony, this years Collegium is a one-day affair with such wonderous classes and information that is worthy of skills of Innilgard's artisans. We also invite all good gentles of Lochac to come, learn and enjoy! It is also hoped that there will be rapier and heavy fighting classes held in the hall's grounds. As always, the collegium is in garb.

Girl Guides Hall, Beulah Park. (Adelaide, South Australia). Hall opens 9.00am. Closes 5.30pm

There will be activities for children but it be the responsibility of the parents to watch them. There will be tea and coffee available for a small gold coin donation.

BYO Lunch for an informal picnic to be held at lunch time. (12.00- 1.00 pm).

Adult: $5
Children: $3
Children under 5: Free, must be supervised

Free, must be supervised.

So far, we have teachers volunteered for 14 classes (2 strands, mainly on garb & Accessories / Events: Stewarding & Cooking). I am looking for teachers to volunteer for classes on war tactics/ lights tactics, marshal related topics and Period Camping. The timetable should be published within the next few weeks. It will be posted to the Innilgard website when completed.

MERCHANTS: Mistress Bryonny will be again selling her books.

Steward and bookings: THLady Katerina da Brescia