Duke Fabian Victorious in West Kingdom Crown Tourney

Catherine Lorraine reports that Duke Fabian Arnett von Schwetzingen was the winner of the recent West Kingdom Crown Tournament. He was inspired by Eliška z Jihlavy.

His Highness Prince Fabian defeated Sir Kjartan Daegarsson from the Kingdom of An Tir, fighting for Megan nic Alister, in the finals. The other fighter in the finals was Duke Radnor.

Duchess Megan writes:

"There were only three in the semi-finals... (Haouc went out in the round prior I believe so he would have been in quarters)... it turned into one of those round robin-ish semi finals since some of them had not yet fought in the list. Fabian fought Kjartan with Radnor getting the bye (with a stunt double of Richard of Greyfalle fighting it), then Fabian fought Radnor with Kjartan fighting Uther in the bye...then finals between Fabian and Kjartan."