Tir Righ on its Way to Becoming Principality in An Tir

The Crown Principality of the North (western British Columbia and northern Washington), has moved one step closer to becoming a full principality. In the long procedure of changing status in the SCA, groups often celebrate each step toward their goals. In the Principality of the North, the announcement that their second choice name and device have passed the College of Arms has led to one such celebration. The name chosen is Tir Righ, meaning King's Land. The name "North" is still under consideration.

According to Elizabeth Braidwood, Deputy Seneschale in Tir Righ for Principality Stuff, the device is as follows: "Azure, on a saltire between four mullets of eight points argent a laurel wreath azure," which may be viewed graphically by clicking on the header of this article.

If all goes as planned, Tir Righ will hold its first Coronet Tournament April 26-27, 2003 in the Shire of Lionsdale, and investiture June 14-15, 2003 at a site yet to be determined.