East Kingdom Crown Tournament

Their Royal Majesties have chosen the Barony of Dragonship Haven to host Their Crown Tourney. The site will be Warsaw Park in Ansonia, CT, where King Darius won his first Crown Tourney. Join us for a day of combat and chivalry, fellowship and fun. The gates will open at 9 AM and the Mistress of the Lists will begin accepting entrants to the Tourney at 10 AM. The list will close at 11:30 AM. Please note that the Tourney itself will take place out-of-doors, regardless of weather, though there is an indoor area if the day is inclement. Tents and pop-ups are welcome onsite. For contact information, event pricing, directions, etc., please visit http://www.eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=1095

There will be a youth combat tournament as well as an arts & sciences display. There will be a room set aside indoors for this A&S display - so feel free to show off your best! The site is handicapped-accessible. Merchants are very welcome - please contact Mistress Peyton to arrange a spot. This site is damp - PLEASE do not leave any empties lying around. Also, the site recycles - please pay very close attention to his detail while on-site.

A hearty dayboard will be available to all, in addition to the sumptuous feast celebrating the King and Queen and Their Heirs. Questions can be directed to the Head Cook, whose contact information is below.


The first will be a coin/cash collection jar located at troll to benefit the school children impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Money will be given to the Connecticut Association of Schools special Hurricane Katrina Fund to be used for school-related expenses for children, such as backpacks and school supplies, and for local school districts in the affected area. Visit http://www.ct.gov/governorrell/cwp/view.asp?Q=301756&A=1761 for more information.

The second fundraiser is an A&S auction coordinated by Lady Vienna on behalf of Lady Renn. This fund-raiser originally was to be hosted at the Oct 1 EKU, which was canceled. There will be a raffle of items to benefit the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina fund. Donations of A&S items for the raffle are still being accepted. Please contact Lady Vienna to coordinate items for auction. There is also a third opportunity to help victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita being organized by Duquesa Isabella of York called "Nuts 'n' Bolts for Life." For more information, lease visit: For more information http://forums.eastkingdom.org/viewtopic.php?p=40#40

As of Oct 1, 2005, CT has passed two new laws that may directly affect those traveling from out of state.

The first is a cell phone law making it against the law to drive while talking on a hand-held cell phone. You can still use a hands-free phone or a phone with a headset. Police may be using this law to crack down on "distracted driving."

The second law requires children to ride in a car booster seat until the are at least seven years old AND weigh more than 60-pounds.