Guild of St. Luke to Promote Painting in Lochac

Giles de Laval of Lochac has proposed the formation of a Painters' Guild to promote the study and practice of the medieval painter's art. In a post to the Lochac listserve, Giles de Laval announced the proposed formation of a new guild for the study of medieval painting. Giles writes:
"The guild will strive to encourage and promote all aspects of the painter's art as practiced in Europe and the Middle East before 1600. This provides an enormous range of possibilities, for example:
* drawing, silverpoint, and design
* religious or secular panel paintings, icons
* parade shields, banners, etc
* decorative hangings ("counterfeit arras"), printed textiles, decorated pavillions and furniture
* stained (painted) glass
* portraiture, from Elizabethan miniatures to Renaissance masterpieces

...and much more!"

According to Giles, painters produced a wide variety of crafted items from playing cards to parade shields. The Guild, which would be known as the Guild of St. Luke, would promote the study and practice of the art. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in these activities. Initially, the Guild will function as a forum to share information.

For more information, please contact Giles