Latest Issue of Bird of Prey Available Online

The January-March issue of the "Bird of Prey", Calontir's journal of combat, is now available online As the Kingdom of Calontir prepares for the Estrella War, the fighters and generals have added their thoughts to the January-March issue of the Bird of Prey, the newsletter of the fighters of Calontir. Contents include:

* A message from TRM's General, Sir Rolf Eichman
* A missive from Conde Fernando in regards to Estrella War
* "A Fourth Company Call to Arms!" by Lady Rebecca of Three Rivers
* "So your a Sergeant, huh? Now what?" a compilation of notes from the War Council List
* "Packing For Estrella War - Especially For First-Timers" by HL Annalies Grossmund
* "Exercises for Sheildwall Grunts" by Sir Attilla
* The Staple of this Calontiri's 'at War' diet, Jenna's Jerky
* "Just what is this 4th Company of Calontir's that I keep hearing about?" by HL Annalies Grossmund
* Featured Song: I'm For Estrella War Flying

The issue also contains several historic articles dealing with the Estrella War.