Calontir citizens host online auction for hurricane relief

A team of SCAdians from the Kingdom of Calontir are hosting an online auction, beginning October 1, to benefit "Medieval Hurricane Relief".

Lord Lukas Mesmer, who is the Kingdom of Calontir Relief & Fundraising Coordinator, says that over 50 items had been donated as of September 26. Though the auction is being run by Calontir citizens, it is open for both donations and bids from anyone. Lukas says, "[W]e have already had one gentle from out of kingdom contact us about wanting to donate items to the auction. If you or someone you know would like to do the same, even though they are not part of Calontir, we are more than happy to accept the additional help....Please let your friends and neighbors know about the auction site, as we welcome out of kingdom bidders."

The auction will run from October 1 through October 21. Lukas says the 54+ items donated so far run the gamut from "amzaing" to "fun" and "yummy."

Lukas says donations are still being accepted through September 30, and that prospective donors should email him at with the following information:

  • Item Name
  • Item Description
  • Your Name (Mundane & SCA)
  • Your Address & Phone # (to be provided only to winning bidder for delivery/pick-up arrangement)
  • Notice of whether or not you would be willing to cover shipping if your item(s) are won by out of Kingdom bidders. If you are willing to do so, please specify US, US/Canada, or Known World. This should help any out of kingdom bidders, and hopefully help to raise our overall bid totals.

Lord Lukas continues:

Let me just say a quick thank you to many of the gentles for whom I have received complete item names and descriptions of their items to date:
  • Alan Smyith of Darkdale
  • Colonel Jenna of SouthWind
  • Gudrun Sveasdottir
  • Caillin O'hIcidhe
  • Guido di Niccolo
  • Mistress Anges
  • Laurali
  • Arthur of Ballan Moor
  • Mouse
  • Bess Darnley
  • Emelye O'Mulvany
  • Jaida de leon
  • Talia Margherita da Milano
  • Genevieve Darroch
  • Branwen ferch Rhael
  • Kajsa Nikulasdotter
  • Ravasz Janos
  • Thomas d'Orleans

If you did not see your name above, this indicates that I did not yet receive your e-mail or I have not yet received a full description of your item. Please contact me to correct any missing information.

Finally, given the recent mail from Mistress Conna, regarding her friend Munlik, it is easy to see how much tragedy those who suffered through Katrina, still face. So please be generous, and donate an item to the auction TODAY, and help us to help the Medieval Hurricane Relief Effort.

Lord Lukas Mesmer

Announcement republished by kind permission of the author.