Arm Wrestling, Heavy Combat at "It's All Greek To Me!"

It's SCA 1, Mother Nature 0 as Signore Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi reports on goings on at the "It's All Greek To Me!" event held recently in the Shire of Deodar, Kingdom of Calontir.

Signore Giudo writes:

As Saturday morning dawned, and Mother Nature let it be known she was in attendance, the Shire of Deodar greeted their friends for another fun0filled event. With the dreary sky looming overhead, the day started off with a ruckus: the Arm Wrestling Tournament! Let it be known that the herald's of Calontir had the upper hand in victory...led by none less than Evil Modar himself: Caoimhin McKee (of Couer d'Ennui).

With the victory established, Mother Nature let the fighters and archers loose to play. The fighters found their way to the town on the battlefield. The archers loosed their arrows. [[To which Berndt from Heraldshill was triumphant as the latest Amazon (wo)man...]]

As the various activities of the day wound down, Court was called by Their Majesties. Following in the lead of the musicians at Their Coronation, the Populace greeted Their Majesties to a rousing rendition of "Hail To The Chief"...a la kazoo band.

Court started with Ian Logan (from Heraldshill) being presented with an Award of Arms. Soon followed by Juliana Mcnayre (also of Heraldshill) being entered into the Order of the Torse. A brief pause was put in the award giving as Colin of Blackmore (son of Mistress Diana) was called into Court where Their Majesties put him on a quest to be completed by Feast of Fools...and quoting here: "CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" [[To which Mistress Diana was seen gleefully dancing in the aisle as this proclomation and quest.]]

Soon after, Vincent de Vere (from Axed Root and proprietor of the Broken Harp Inn) was presented with a Leather Mallet, not only for his skill with the Inn, but for a multitude of other woodworking crafts. Lastly, Padraic MacDubhghaille (the current Seneschal of Deodar) was asked before Their Majesties. As a Torse scroll was being read into Court, a murmur of confusion and amusement started amongst the Populace. As His Majesty placed the award medallion around Padraic's neck, it was revealed that this was his THIRD which someone in the Populace shouted out: "This means he gets to trade up, right?" To which His Majesty Martino removed the Torse, reached for his file of scroll texts, and personally read into Court the text for the Order of the Cross of Calontir...and welcoming His Lordship Padraic into the Order...and thus closely Their Court.

Afterwards Lady Mairi Rose and crew presented a most wonderful Greek feast, to which many well fed individuals gracefully waddled out into the night. [[I can literally say waddle...for that is what I did.]]

Until the next time,

Signore Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi
Shire of Deodar, Kingdom of Calontir
Deodar & La Grande Tente Pursuivant