Twelfth Night Coronation

The Shire of Two Seas is honoured to host Drachenwald's Twelfth Night Coronation in A.S. XL. This weekend of celebration and merriment will be held at the "Proitzer Muehle", an old watermill these days used as a seminar centre.

Site: "Seminarhof Proitzer Muehle", 29465 Schnega (no street address). The site provides showers and other amenities; crash space as well as very comfortable 2-4 person bedrooms are available on a first come first serve basis. The site will open Friday evening at 18:00 and will close Sunday at 14:00.

Activities: Besides courts and ceremonies as well as an elaborate feast we are working on a daytime schedule that will provide some entertainment for everybody, including armoured combat, fencing and A&S workshops. Also please note that the site features a large ballroom and dancing is highly encouraged!

There is one site fee which includes accomodation of your choice (bedroom or crash space) and the meals during the event (dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and feast on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday). The fees are:
Event fee w/ Crash Space: 40 EUR
Event fee w/ bedroom bed: 50 EUR
Children under 3 years are free, children between 3 and 12 years pay 20€/30€.

Please note:
As this is a Kingdom Event all adult non-members will have to pay the non-member-surcharge of 3 EUR. Please do not forget your proof of valid membership!

Reservations can be made at our event website at after October 9th. For attendees from Germany only paid reservations are accepted. Please check out or website or contact the Reservation Steward for payment details.

From the North, South and West find your best way to the town of Uelzen. There take the B71 to Salzwedel. Approx. 4km after Noeventhien turn right towards Solkau and Proitze. Pass through the villages of Solkau, Loitze and Molden to reach Proitze. Follow the signs "Proitzer Muehle" to the site. From the East find your best way to Salzwedel. There take the B71 to Uelzen. Between Spithal and Noeventhin turn left towards Solkau and Proitze. Then proceed as above. The closest airports are Hamburg, Hannover and Berlin. International travellers please contact the Event Steward for assistance.

For additional and updated information (directions, schedule) as well as online reservations please check out (which will air after Fall Crown Tourney).

Eleanor de Brereton (Cathrene Rowell)

Aessa (Elizabeth Hornung)

Lord Giano Balestriere (Volker Bach)

Ragnir von Rungholt (Frank Michael Zimmer)