Second Feast of St Homobonus

Prepare for a fantastic weekend of feasting and medieval merrymaking on the first weekend of November when Aarnimetsä celebrates the patron saint of tailors and cloth workers.

The 13th of November is the feast day of St. Homobonus, an Italian tailor and merchant who lived a virtuous life in the 11th century. He was canonized in 1199, after successfully living up to his name, which is derived from the Latin words homo bono (good man). With the feast of St Homobonus, we attempt to recreate and follow some of the traditions associated with medieval feast days as well as possible.

On Saturday the feasting starts at noon but there will be pauses in between courses - long enough for example for the Goodman's Tourney (please bring warm clothes and shoes if you are planning to be in the audience or participate). After all the courses of the feast are finished, the tavern of "Orava ja Kuusi" offers refreshments and entertainment. All minstrels are invited to perform at the tavern. We will also honour one of the most venerable Aarnimetsä traditions and heat up the lakeside sauna.

More information about the saint, site, this and last years feast and the event can be found on our website:

The event takes place at Märkiö, a youth camping center in Nurmijärvi. Märkiö Youth Camping Centre has no street address. The site is close to Helsinki, approximately 30 minutes away from central Helsinki. There are beds for the first 50 people to register. The site accommodates 70 guests. The site opens at 18:00 on Friday and closes at 12:00 on Sunday.

The event fee for those over 10 years of age is 23 € for SCA members and 25 € for non-members. There is an extra 3€ fee for those who want to sleep in a bed. There will be an additional fee of 5 € if you make your reservation or pay after OCTOBER 31ST. Guests from abroad can pay at the door.

Please make your reservations preferably via email to

Getting there:
Take road nr 3 from Helsinki towards Tampere. About 30 kilometres from Helsinki, take the exit to Nurmijärvi. Drive along this road for 12 km's, past Nurmijärven kirkonkylä and Rajamäki, until you come to the crossroads of Hyvinkää-Hanko. Take the road towards Hanko and follow this road for about 4 km, until you see a rest area with the sign "Grilli" on the left side of the road. From there there is a narrow gravel road towards the site with signs to Märkiön leirikeskus. Follow this road for 200m's and you will be on site. More detailed instructions on how to get there are available from the event stewardesses.

The stewardesses are lady Eilgri Beccan MKA Suvituuli Sihvola,, and THL Baroness Helena von Eltz . Lady Aude de Foix rules the kitchen with an iron fist. You can reach the entire event staff at