Ealdormere Fall Crown Tourney

The Ealdormere Fall Crown Tournament will take place on Saturday October 15, 2005 in Stratford, Ontario.

Stratford Fair Grounds
The Coliseum
20 Glastonbury Drive
Box 901
Stratford Ontario, N5A 6W3

Site Opens at 9am
Site Closes at 11pm

$6.00 per adult, $5.00 students (age 13 to 18), $3.00 Children 6 to 12, $2.00 5 and under (yes this includes babes in arms) $4.00 MNS will be in effect

Feast: Limited to 120 Paid Reservations
$12.00 per adult,
$6.00 Children 6 to 12,
5 and under free.

Reservations can be sent to:

*Please note that unpaid reservations will be bumped by paid ones. Therefor even if you email me the only way your feast is guaranteed is if you also send your cheque.

*Also please remember that if you plan on staying in town for crown you really should be booking now, this is a tourist town and yes the festival is still running in October.

Lady Cairean ingen Fiachnae