Troll Hunt

As the long, dark nights come creeping across our rocky land, we must remain vigilant against the Trolls who descend from the peaks and the crater, Hel, to raid our sparse pasture and threaten our livestock.

All are welcomed to join us in our "unofficial" event, Troll Hunt, on Saturday October 1st 2005 to be held from 11:00 am til 10:00 pm at US Naval Air Station, Keflavik.

We shall conduct games and tests of skill (games, mask making, fight practice and fencing practice) to determine our "Troll Killer General", a gentle whose mettle has been tested, and marked by a badge he or she may wear the day of the event to signify his or her strength and worth to protect us all against any trolls who may dare to come near our fortress!

A sumptuous feast featuring three removes prepared by Lord Tristan Everhart and Lady Freydis Thorfinsdottir will be set for all to enjoy, and to celebrate our newfound hope against any trolls!

Shout out across the land for all those brave enough to trek to Klakavirki, and those braver still who would compete for the Honor of the title "Troll Killer General"! All are welcome!

(As the Dragons Tales was unfortunately delayed, we ask you remind everyone you know about our *unofficial event, and we welcome any traveller to Iceland!)

Waiting for a hero, and busily preparing a day full of fun, challenge and amusement, I remain in service to our Glorious Crown and all the people of Drachenwald, (but not trolls!) Lady Celeste d'Arles

For more information, directions to Iceland and lore of trolls, contact the event steward, Lady Celeste at

For more information on the feast and fight practice contact the head cook and competent troll killer, Lord Tristan at

For more information on the fencing practice, mask making contact Lady Thorfinsdottir, called Troll Terrorizer! at