Agincourt Day Celebration

Let it be known, that Stowe on the Wowld is hosting its third, yes Third, annual Agincourt Day Celebration on Saturday, 22nd October in the year of ASXXXX.

As in the tradition of earlier celebration days, we will have a variety of period shooting competitions. The garland shoot was particularly successful last year alongside the Infamous Castle of Rasberry Blowing French Soldiers, which it seems both big & little kids love shooting at!

There will obviously be a focus on all things archery with a display of period arrows on show but there are other competitions!

~ This year's A&S competition is for any item at all of either English or French provenance from around the year 1415. We won't hold you down to "October" 1415 although it would be a nice touch!

~ As in past years, there will be a winner for the best Potluck Picnic dish. Last year's entry is a tough one to beat...two delicious lamb pies bearing the English & French heraldry including correct colours.

~ Kid's Boffer Tourney - as Matthew ibn Jelal, the champion of the two previous years, has now passed the age of entry (16) now's your chance!!

~ Best Addition to the Atmosphere of the Day - this can be anything from biscuits with Stowe's device on them to generosity with your mead! Get Creative!

~ Garland Tourney - speaks for itself - he or she who can outshoot Alfgeirr, Fitz or Ysabella deserves the acclamation!

Location & Time - 12 noon until the sun sets across the fields of Nirimba Educational Precinct, Quaker's Hill. Directions can be found at the following link or by contacting one of the stewards. There will be cordial, bread and fruits available but we encourage you to bring along a dish for the potluck picnic.

Cost - $5 for the day, children under 12 free of charge.

Tyghra na Tintagel (Lynette Hobcroft)

Alfgeirr Agnarson (Michael James)

Marcus Waffenschmiedt (Mark Jamieson)