Barony of Grey Niche cancels Samhain

The Barony of Grey Niche's annual October event, Samhain, scheduled for Halloween weekend, has been cancelled, as detailed in the following message from the autocrat to the barony's e-mail list on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2005.

Cormac writes:


For those of you that were not able to attend the business meeting tonight it was decided to cancel Samhain, 2005.

The site we were going to use is currently being used for long term housing of refugees, and no one knows how long they are going to be there. It is far more important that those that need it have a good safe place to stay thanĀ  we have a weekend to play.

So, instead of having a full weekend event for Samhain, we will instead have a picnic in the park on Saturday October 29th, 2005. More details (like what park, etc) will be coming soon. Please stay tuned to this list for further news.

And most importantly, please keep those that have been affected by this terrible storm in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

In Service,


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