All Hallows in Darton

Darton welcomes visitors to an All Hallows event the 26-27th November, incorporating the inaugural SCA New Zealand Inc.'s Annual General Meeting!

Fru Marienna Jensdatter (Maggie Forest)

The program: Saturday
10.00 A.M. - Guerilla shopping trips
3.00 P.M. - Pas des Armes Tournament
6.00 P.M. - A Feast

10.00 A.M. - AGM over breakfast

The tournament, feast and AGM will be held at the Scottish Harriers' Hall, Prince Albert Park in Newtown. The cost for the whole weekend is $25. Feast only $20, children half price. AGM breakfast $5. Add $2 day membership if you are not a member. Bookings close on the 18th November.

Limited billeting space can be arranged, please contact the Steward in plenty of time! If you are flying in, contact me in good time with your details and we'll endeavour to transport you. Western Lochacians can arrange to pay on arrival.

Guerilla shopping trips will be tailored to your interests. Wellington boasts good foodie-shops, two bead shops and several half-decent fabric stores.