Danelaw XIV: Market Day at Jorvik

The People's Barony of Bryn Madoc invites you to join us on September 30 - October 2, 2005 at A.H. Stephens State Park for Danelaw, Market Day at Jorvik!

The summer has been long and profitable. The Market Day at Jorvik is set. The new Lord and Lady of the land, the brave and valiant Baron Gwydian and the joyful and lovely Baroness Zofia, invite one and all to Market.

The weekend begins Friday evening with a hearty Traveler's Fare in the Mead Hall. Vikings and Saxons are invited to enjoy games, entertainment, and convivial conversation within the atmosphere of a mead hall (BYOM).

While peace is the order of the day within the Danelaw, Viking and Saxons alike revel in tests of skill. Baron Gwydian extends a challenge to the fighters of the land to test their skills this Market Day. Our Baron and his men have devised a number of tests to determine the most fierce, strong, and valiant fighters of the land. Fighting, throwing pointy objects, races, and more are planned to delight even the most jaded beserker!

Our artisans have also been busy perfecting their crafts. Several have agreed to share their skills with the populace young and old with hands-on opportunities to learn their techniques. Nailbinding, felting, coin striking, the construction of the famed Viking Treasure Necklace, and more will be taught by skilled crafters.

The populace is also invited to test their skills at games and contests throughout the day. Tafl, Tables, 9-Man's Morris, Knucklebones, and other games will provide you with plenty of opportunities to fill your purse. Foot races, tug-of-war, and other activities will add to the day's excitement. Young and old are encouraged to wear themselves out!

Our Baroness Zofia is sponsoring a competition to determine the best sweet mead. Her Excellency cordially invites all mead-makers to enter.

And what is a market day without a chance to spend your money??? Merchants are being recruited from far and wide. A raffle of beautiful and useful items will be held. There is rumor of "midnight" marauding on the field during lunch (bring your un-used, out-grown, or otherwise un-wanted items to trade or sell).

End the day with a delicious feast of Viking and Saxon foods! Their Excellencies will hold court during feast, honoring the winners of the day. The hall reverts back to the Baron's hall where revelry and entertainments will continue far into the night.

See our website for more information, feast menu, pricing, and directions: http://www.brynmadoc.org/danelaw14.html