How to support the Gleann Abhann relief effort

More than a week after Hurricane Katrina devastated a large swath of the Gulf Coast, including the Barony of Axmoor, Barony of Seleone and Shire of Dragoun's Weal in the Principality of Gleann Abhann, Kingdom of Meridies, a wide variety of relief efforts are underway and offers of assistance are coming from all over the Known World.

Deliveries of necessities like food, water, clothing and personal hygiene items have begun through the Gleann Abhann Supply Run, where members of unaffected groups are relaying shipments of goods to the impacted areas. Donations to that effort have come not only from within Gleann Abhann and Meridies, but from Ansteorra and Calontir. Soon deliveries are expected from the Middle Kingdom, which is collecting supplies at events around the realm under the coordination of Countess Kenna, the incoming kingdom seneschal, and the Kingdom of Trimaris, which has declared Panhandle Skirmishes on Oct. 14 to be the collection point for its efforts, which are being coordinated by Mistress Alysoun Jeuneterre, OP. On top of that, groups as far away as Caid, AEthelmearc, Ealdormere, the East Kingdom, Northshield an An Tir have contacted officials in Meridies to offer help.

In order to make supporting the relief effort easier, the following list of contacts is offered so that the donors can match their efforts with the right coordinator.

Queen Lethrenn of Meridies has established a web site with information on making cash donations that will go directly to help SCA members impacted by the storm: Checks may be made out to "Medieval Disaster Relief" and mailed to the address provided, and Her Royal Majesty expects to have a Pay Pal link set up as early as Thursday, Sept. 8. In addition, the web site shows the areas most impacted by the storm, and there is a link to databases that include lists of affected Gleann Abhann residents and their current whereabouts. Questions about direct cash donations should be directed to Queen Lethrenn at The site also includes information on sending "care packages," with a list of suggested contents, for distribution.

Peregrine Fairchylde is the coordinator of the Gleann Abhann Supply Run, the effort to get necessities directly to displaced SCAdians and the gentles who are offering them shelter. Donations of nonperishable food, bottled water, over-the-counter medicines, personal hygiene supplies, mundane clothing and bedding are being accepted by all Gleann Abhann groups unaffected by the storm. Nearby groups in neighboring kingdoms that wish to deliver supplies should contact the appropriate liaison: For western Calontir, Edrei the Quiet (; eastern Calontir, Bast (; northern Ansteorra, Regne de Lyon (, central Ansteorra, Sarah MacGregor (, southern Ansteorra, Jean Louis (; Atlantia, Baron Borgar in Meridies,; East Kingdom, Duchess Isabella of York; Midrealm, Countess Kenna, the incoming seneschal; Trimaris, Mistress Alysoun Jeuneterre, OP. If your kingdom is not listed, contact the coordinator in the nearest kingdom or e-mail Peregrine.

For groups far removed from Gleann Abhann, Peregrine is suggesting taking up a collection (of non-SCA group money, in accordance with the Society Exchequer's advice) and using it to buy gift cards to stores like Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, Home Depot and Lowe's, or gas stations like Exxon or BP. These can then be delivered to him by mail (write for the address) and will either be used to purchase supplies closer to the affected areas and fuel the relay vehicles, or given to SCAdians who have lost much or all of their belongings to help them recover.

Regular updates on the progress of the Supply Run are available by joining the GASupplyRun Yahoo! Group.

Offers of medium- and long-term shelter and employment should be directed to Master Erik of Telemark,

Gentles who want to help with the replacement of garb, feast gear, armor and other SCA equipment should go to Master Stephan of Durham, the principality seneschal, at

Artisans who wish to assist with replacement regalia for the Principality of Gleann Abhann and its groups should be sent to Ariadne,

Scribes and illuminators who would like to assist with the replacement of award scrolls lost to the storm should write Mistress Jennet of Tewksbury at

The response to this disaster has been tremendous, and the populace of Meridies and Gleann Abhann are immensely grateful to their extended SCA family. This will be a long recovery process, so those who cannot donate now should know that there will be many opportunities in the following weeks and, in all likelihood, months as these gentles recover from the disaster.

I haven't been a member for almost 10 years

I haven't been a member for almost 10 years, but both my husband & I immediately thought about our friends in the gulf area and the fun we used to have at Pennsic. If you need help transporting items, Bekins Van Lines is offering transportation to organizations collecting donations for hurricane victims. I don't know anything more. Hope this helps! Berkins Van Lines contact information: Nancy Schultz at 708-547-2018 or