Profits from "Joys of Modern Medieval Life" shop to benefit hurricane victims

Lord Frithiof and Lady Gro from Nordmark, Drachenwald, have set up a range of products on CafePress to raise money for Katrina victims through Medieval Disaster Relief.

CafePress is a modern-world merchant that offers various apparel, desktop items, coffee mugs, and other items customized with a logo and/or slogan. They produce and market the items on a commission basis, with part of the proceeds going to the designer of the item.

Many of the items offered by Frithiof and Gro are customized with the Latin phrase, "Mitte panem tuum super transeuntes aquas quia post multa tempora invenies illum", which translates to "Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again."

Editor's note: This news item is provided for informational purposes. has no financial connection with CafePress, and does not recommend or endorse any specific commercial offering or company.