Shire of Smythkepe Sponsors Operation Alms

The Shire of Smythkepe in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is sponsoring Operation Alms to help members of the SCA donate perishables to local non-profit agencies.

Lady Eva Helena Vettori writes:

The way Operation Alms works is that those attending an event that is taking Operation Alms donations will donate the perishables to local nonprofit (salvation army,etc.) and the non-perishables can be donated to a nonprofit or a caravan traveling to the disaster area. Shire of Smythkepe's Labor day weekend event will be doing a Operation Alms collection the non perishables will be going to the Peregrine's pilgrims caravan signups for the caravan and directions for the donations onsite dropoff are available at infopoint. Then the number of donations will be listed on Gleann Abhann yahoogroups.

If you would like to have Operation Alms at your event you may contact me at

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Eva Helena Vettori