Meridies now able to accept direct cash donations for hurricane relief

Her Majesty Lethrenn, Queen of Meridies, has published an update on the Kingdom's fundraising efforts for disaster relief.

Her Majesty Lethrenn writes:

Friends and Family I send greetings and a sincere thanks to all of you who are jumping forward to help Meridies and Gleann Abhann in our time of need. It sure speaks to the generosity of our community to see all the people who want to help.

Now for the business side:

We have a bank account set up today. Checks should be made out to "Medieval Disaster Relief" and sent to:

Sara Nichols
175 Lucile Lane
Lilburn, GA 30047

Every cent will go towards helping SCA victims and their immediate family. We intend to have PayPal activated in the very, very near future.

Care packages can be mailed to:

Travis Newberry
3466 Old Suttons Way
Marietta, GA 30062

We will begin dividing care packages into equal parts to be distributed evenly over the affected baronies and shires. We will be sending a truck down there in 2 weeks if we have a load that soon.

I will have a website that will be up as soon as possible and your name is on my list of people to inform of its existence. [That last is not applicable here on —ed.]

Master Erik is compiling information on who has housing, jobs, long term assistance. Unfortunately, I do not know the contact information he wishes to use for this project.

I know I'm leaving about half of the information out, but you'll see it on the website soon.

Thank you,

Lethrenn, Queen of Meridies

Reposted here with the kind permission of Her Majesty.