Eirik Andersen's Pennsic 2005 Photo Album

Lord Eirik Andersen has posted his photo album from Pennsic 34 on the Two Ravens website.

Lord Eirik writes:


It took me a little longer than I wanted it to, but my 2005 Pennsic War Photos are up. Remember, you can comment on photos, and please do! It makes it more interesting to go though the galleries with accurate explanations or descriptions. Also, don't forget that there is a slideshow feature that will run on most browsers.

Ealdormere Group Photo. I spent tonight assembling the Ealdormere Group Photo. I'd say 90% of the Kingdom members at Pennsic War are in this photo. It was taken quickly at the Battlefield on Friday. I've used multiple frames to stich together this final copy. I had to swap out heads from various frames, people were partly obscured in some of them. The assembled photo, in print ready format, weighs in at 14.8 megapixels. :)


I will see about getting prints for those that want them. I've been considering doing the prints as a fundraiser for the Kingdom. I will post more about that as soon as I have the details worked out.

A few words of thanks: I'd like to thank Their Excellencies Skraeling Althing, Sir Menken and Dame Elenor of Fettered Cock Pewters, who supported me at Pennsic by allowing me to recharge my equipment in their establishment over the course of the War. They helped make the deluge of photos possible. I'd also like to thank Lady Melusine who shot the Bridge Battle photos, and Daniel of An Tir (Mordain's Nephew) who shot all of the photos with my camera of the Causeway Battle ( I was preoccupied in said battles!)

Finally, thanks to all of my photographic subjects at Pennsic this year, you were a joy to shoot!


Eirik Andersen/Kyle Andrews
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