East Kingdom Rapier Champions Decided

From Mercedes de Calafia, East Kingdom Marshal of Fence, comes news of the winners of the Kings & Queens Rapier Championship held Januar 25, 2003. Greetings to the populous of the East Kingdom,

This last weekend saw one of the best Kings & Queens Rapier Champions tournaments I have ever seen. It was clean, fun, honorable, and exciting.

Our new Champions are Brokk Jarlson and Jost von Aichstadt, both companions of the Golden Rapier. Although Jost was not a companion at the time he was chosen by Her Majesty to be Her champion, he became a companion just moments later.

And now, some details.

There were 65 fencers who entered the double elimination tourney. After the second round, that number was 47. After the third round we were down to 26, and the fourth round saw the elimination of a further 12, bringing the number to 14. Our "Sweet 14" was:

Chao Fei-Hong
Captain Christian Wolfe
Xavier Mataka
Dona Ailis Catriona Mac an Toisich
Don Duncan Keiran
Don Jost von Aichstadt
Captain Ian, Lord Raven of Tadcaster
Matatias de domo Leah le Blunde
Don Arioch the Quick
Sir Ivan Ulrickson
Connor Mac Gillivray
Don Brokk Jarlson

The semi-finals saw the pairings of Arioch vs Connor, and Ivan vs Brokk. Both Arioch and Brokk went into this round without a loss, while both Connor and Ivan had one loss. Connor defeated Arioch twice, and Brokk defeated Ivan.

Connor faced Brokk in the finals, best of 5, rotating matched weapons forms. Both combatants are former Queens' Champions.

The first fight was Case of Rapier. Brokk defeated Connor. The second was Rapier and Dagger. Brokk defeated Connor. The third was Single Rapier. Brokk defeated Connor.

I would like to thank the Barony of Settmour Swamp for hosting this event, Baroness Paigan and Baron Terric, the Autocrats, Ailis Mac an Toisich and Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod, the Head Cook, Brighid ni Chairain, the Troll, Omar, and the cast of thousands that made this such a wonderful, warm, welcoming event.

This was my first Rapier Champions tourney as Kingdom Marshal of Fence. The Marshal's in Charge, Don Nigel of Castle West, and Don Antonio Patriquin ran the tourney so well that I wasn't needed. I also want to thank Don Ricardo del Costa Verde, Master Thomas de Castellon, Don Alexandre d'Avigne, Master Dylan ap Maelgyn, Don Pierre de la Tour, Dona Marion of Oaken Glen, Lord Thomas del Bruc, and Lady Emeline Patterson who dedicated their time to marshaling.

And I would like to Thank Her Majesty Isabella for her care, kind words and attention to the fencers.

I know I've forgotten to thank someone, or recount a notable deed, or something. Please feel free to correct my mistakes or forgetfulness.

Again, my Thanks to everyone who participated in this memorable and special event.

Yours in Service to the East,

Mercedes de Calafia
East Kingdom Marshal of Fence