Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for SCAdians working or living in disaster area

When professional rescuers or relief workers are faced with occupational stress, they call upon a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing specialist to help handle the situation. A professional in this field is offering her services free to SCAdians affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Mistress Mu'allima Morgana Quarry writes:

I am an EMT/FF (and own my own health and safety training/consultation business) and have my master of counseling. I specialized in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, which is designed to help those who have been in life threatening or devastating situations. So if anyone needs to talk, give them my information and have them call or email.

This is not professional counseling. I do have my master of counseling, but I am not able to offer those services at such a distance. If counseling is needed, I would be happy to assist them in finding those services locally. This service is to assist individuals process their emotional responses to an abnormal situation (like a natural disaster).

I would be honored to talk to anyone that needs a place to share their experience.

Mu'allima Morgana Quarry OP, LoA, KSH
Master Chirurgeon
AKA Michelle Allcott-Mills
Maricopa, Arizona

Email may be sent to Mistress Morgana using a special-purpose email address we have set up for this effort: A cell phone number is available but not published here on the web. If you need to refer someone to Morgana who doesn't have email access, please email the above address and request her cell phone number be sent to you to give to the person you are referring.