Newswire scheduling during Hurricane Katrina emergency

We are receiving a lot of news and updates related to the hurricane crisis affecting Meridies, Gleann Abhann, and surrounding areas. In response, is altering our normal editorial schedule.

We normally try to run no more than four news items per day, so that those who only check the newswire occasionally will not miss anything important. That policy is proving infeasible in light of the volume of news arising from the hurricane situation. We are more concerned with getting the information to those who need it than with following our [admittedly arbitrary] scheduling policy, so effective immediately we will be suspending that policy until things quiet down.

If you missed a day of the newswire, please note that you can use the archive links at the bottom of the main wire to see the previous 30 stories and beyond into the past, all the way (if you are patient enough) back to our first story.

Since—unfortunately—natural disasters and similar events are all too common, we have also created a new category called Crisis Response into which stories of this type will be filed. You can use the quick-menu on the right edge of the page to immediately see all crisis-related stories in reverse chronological order. We'll try to be careful not to clutter that category with things not related to a major catastrophe or emergency.

We are pleased—but not at all surprised—to see the outpouring of concern, effort, and love from people in the Current Middle Ages toward our brothers and sisters in need. can't help fix the damage, but in our own small way, we want to do all we can to help get information to the people who need it. If you are coordinating a relief effort of some kind and there is something we can do to assist you in informing the public, please send email to Justin. We will be happy to run announcements, and we are able to host e-mail discussion lists where appropriate.

When contributing news stories, please do not paste in the text from other web sites' stories. Copyright law prevents us from publishing these. This also applies to e-mail posted to public lists, unless you are the author. (If so, tell us this fact when you submit the news so that we know it's okay to run the item.)

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience the speeded-up newswire scrolling may cause. We feel it is more important to make information available in a timely fashion than to follow our normal policy of smoothing out the newswire's scroll rate. Milica (our Editor-In-Chief) is working very hard to find and secure publication permission on news items as quickly as possible.