Meridies Update

Mistress Gwennddolynn ni hAilleachain, Seneschale of the Kingdom of Meridies, has posted an update on the groups in her Kingdom affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Mistress Gwen writes:

Hello all

I'm Gwen, the seneschal for Meridies....

Wanted to let everyone know that we have heard from New Orleans (Barony of Axemore), and have accounted for our people there. Likewise Mobile and Pensacola.

We have not heard from Biloxi or Hattiesburg as of yet, but the power and phones are all still out there--so we're very hopeful.

New Orleans and Mississippi are in a right state--there is no drinking water available and the city is now considered a health hazard. No one can really get in or out, and there is now mandatory evacuations of the entire city.

There are several relief efforts underway, not the least of which are the Salvation Army (1-800-SAL-ARMY) and the American Red Cross. Others across the Knowne World have contacted myself and my Crown wanting to know where to send care packages, etc. Atlanta, GA (Barony of the South Downs) is organizing the efforts to get what may come to those in need---we'll post here ASAP.

I cannot convey how touched and grateful we are here in Meridies for the outporing of help and concern--we are truly blessed to have such good friends in the SCA. You guys are, hands-down, what we are all striving to be---noble.

Thank you all so much again for your thoughts and prayers

I remain