Gleann Abhann "Rollcall" Created

Sarah Lakey has announced that a bulletin board has been created for those SCA members living in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina and for those who have loved ones there.

Sarah writes:


I know that we are ALL overwhelmed with the emails we're getting- trying to locate our loved ones, finding out what they need, and finding out who we haven't heard from yet. Since many of us are on several lists, it is quite daunting to try to sift through everything for word of what we're looking for. With that in mind, I have set up a Bulletin Board to try to streamline finding our people and what they need. It is located at . You do NOT have to login as a member to post, but if you like to, it is quick and easy to set up a login. You can use the search function to look for specific names and locations. If anybody is familiar with the format and would like to volunteer to be a moderator, email me off list, please. Forward/crosspost as you see fit.