Discussion Lists Created to Coordinate Relief Efforts -- UPDATED

Three YahooGroups discussion lists have been created to help coordinate relief efforts for those SCA members affected by Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.

SCA-911 has been created to help get aid to SCAdians in the Kingdom of Meridies, and especially Gleann Abhann, who have lost their gear, if not their homes, to Hurricane Katrina. A citizen of Northshield writes regarding the list:

"Some of the discussions on other lists involve 'adopting' a group and helping them replace items like garb, armor, feast gear, etc. These aren't items that the Red Cross will replace and we all know how much time and money we have put in OUR SCA gear."

There is also the SCA-Disaster list on YahooGroups. The two lists are somewhat parallel. There was, according to the moderators, never any intention to "compete" -- it's simply a case of two well-intentioned SCAdians having the same idea at approximately the same time without knowing about one another.

A third list, an offshoot of SCA-Disaster, is called SCA-BackToNormal. That list is intended to complement SCA-Disaster by focusing on the non-urgent issues such as replacing lost garb and armor, whereas SCA-Disaster (like SCA-911) is strictly focused on the immediate, urgent situation.

For reference, the three subscription URLs are: