Snowed Inn V

As the world slumbers beneath a blanket of snow, the people of Ardchreag still toil. On a winter day, they invite you to sit back and relax, share an ale or tale over a game, and revel in the pleasures of days that once were.

East and West Salons, Pickering Recreation Complex
1867 Valley Farm Road

Site opens 9:30 am and closes 12 pm

9:30 am Site Opens
10 am Games Begin
10 am A&S Table Opens
10 am Youth Combat Tournament(s)
11 am Bar Opens
11 am Armoured Combat Inspections Begin
11 am Helm Show
11:30 am Lunch Counter Opens
12 pm Youth Combat Tournament Ends
12 pm Armoured Combat Tournament
2:30 pm Lunch counter Closes
5:30 pm Games End
5:30 pm A&S Table Closes
6 pm Feast
following Courts (at Their Majesties' Pleasure*)
11 pm Bar Closes
12 am Site Closes

*Please note we are expecting courts to be held after feast, but this information may change.

GATEKEEPER INFORMATION Feast Reservations: We are accepting paid reservations on the "only reservation is a paid reservation" basis. There are 60 seats available for Feast. We expect feast seats to go very quickly. To reserve a seat at feast, you must mail the Gatekeeper with a cheque to secure your feast seat. All cheques must be mailed no later than December 20th, 2005 to ensure we receive them through the postal service. If you e-mail a reservation without a payment, you will be put on the waiting list.

If we run out of available seats for feast, we will work backwards from the most recent unpaid reservation. Any unpaid reservations as of 12 noon at the event site will become available.


  1. Site is Wet - (bar open 11am-11pm) Ontario law strictly prohibits B.Y.O.B!
  2. Candles at feast limited to enclosed flame lanterns.
  3. Have a banner/device/tapestry? Try to bring a stand as there is only limited wall space that may have anything affixed to it.
  4. Regretfully, there is no merchanting space at Snowed Inn.
  5. Unfortunately, other than Royalty & Territorial Barons and Baronesses, there may not be room for personal presences. There is however ample table space.

Site Fee $8 NMS*$4 Feast $12 Children (12-18)** 1/2 Price Adult Rates

*Proof of Membership (Current Tidings Label, Membership Card) required @ gate for Member discount. As mandated by the BOD, a $4 non-member surcharge will be added to the site fees for all adult non-members.

**Children 11 and under Free

No cheques at the gate, Payment in cash only.

All Funds Canadian

From the East and West:
1. Exit the 401 at Brock Road (in Pickering, NOT Whitby). 2. Go north on Brock. 3. Turn west (left) onto Pickering Parkway. 4. Turn north (left) onto Valley Farm Road. 5. Look for the marquee on the building.

GO Train (Visit for more information) 1. Take your best route to the Pickering Town Centre stop (Hwy 2 at Liverpool Road bus stop). 2. Go east on Kingston Road. 3. Turn south, right onto Valley Farm Road. 4. Look for the marquee on the building.

Laird Colyne Stewart, Event Steward and Event Marshal
M.K.A Todd Fischer

Lady Mahault van der Eych, Head Chef
M.K.A Debbie Mattingly