Gleann Abhann reacts to Hurricane Katrina

Peregrine Fairchylde of the Shire of Lagerdamm, Principality of Gleann Abhann, Meridies, reports on conditions following Hurricane Katrina.

Lord Peregrine writes:

Residents of the Principality of Gleann Abhann in western Meridies were recovering from the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina on Tuesday and looking for more information on SCA members displaced by the storm, as well as for ways to assist them. Reports on the Gleann Abhann Yahoo Group indicate that while many residents of Gulf Shore groups -- including Axemoor (New Orleans, La.), Seleone (Biloxi, Miss.) and Dragoun's Weal (Hattiesburg, Miss.) -- evacuated before the hurricane made landfall, others decided to ride out the storm in their homes or nearby. Many of the SCAdians who relocated traveled to central Louisiana or Mississippi, or as far as Memphis, Tenn. Offers of crash space have come from as far away as Ardanroe (Shreveport, La.) and Small Gray Bear (Little Rock, Ark.). With widespread power outages still a major problem, contacting some Principality residents is not yet possible. However, the people of Gleann Abhann are rising to the aid of their friends and neighbors. In addition to offers of shelter, subscribers to the Gleann Abhann Yahoo Group have begun organizing a "supply run" that will collect and deliver goods (bottled water, canned food, school supplies, pet foods, toileteries) via a series of relay drives, from one group to the next. Many Gulf Shore members have made their way to safety in the Shire of Iron Ox in Jackson, Tenn.-- including the Lord and Lady Heir of Gleann Abhann, Radu and Bri, and their infant son -- where some of the first deliveries will be directed. As more information is gathered on the whereabouts and needs of displaced Gleann Abhann residents, other supply runs will be planned.

Donations are being solicited for this weekend's Midsummer Knight's Dream at the Shire of Smythkepe (Ft. Smith, Ark.), which will be delivered to Little Rock, then to Memphis on Sept. 9, and from there to Jackson, Tenn. Gentles from Ansteorra or Calontir who live near Smythkepe and are planning to attend the event are encouraged to bring staple items for the supply run. In addition, Lord Regne of Smythkepe has announced he will forego all fencing tourmanents and instead hold the field against all comers as a fundraiser, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Red Cross. For more information on MSKD, visit Ansteorran residents who are near the Shire of Ardanroe (Shreveport, La.) can contact Sarah McGregor at about making a donation.

Of course, the most efficient way of aiding relief efforts is to make a cash donation to a reputable relief organization, like the Red Cross, which can use its greater buying power to get the most stuff where it is needed. But any SCAdians who would like to contribute to the Gleann Abhann supply run so that goods will go directly to affected Gleann Abhann populace can contact Peregrine Fairchylde at to see if there is a way to get involved.