"Whippoorwill" Profits to Aid Katrina Victims

George Reed, spokesman for the Chateau Teafort Trio, has announced that all profits from the group's debut album Whippoorwill will be donated to relief efforts for SCA victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Drew Nicholson (aka Purple) writes:

The Chateau Teafort Trio (George L. Reed (faheud), Drew Nicholson (Purple), and Kathryn Kibellus (Valencia)..) announced today that all profits from their debut album will be donated to assist SCA participants suffering damages as a result of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coasts of Louisiana, Mississipi, and Alabama. "Whilst it is only a drop in the bucket of all that was lost," said the Trio spokesman George Reed, "Every bit helps in a time where much help is needed. We are dedicated to using our art to help our extended family through a difficult time."

The Album is Whippoorwill, by the Chateau Teafort Trio, a 2 cd set for $15.00 plus $2.00 P&H....for orders of more than 3 cd's maximum shipping cost is $6.00

Chateau Teafort Trio checks payable to
George L. Reed
3617 Sommersworth Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46228

More information is available at: