Casual War III: The Tradition

Come for the warfare and stay for the pyjama party.

When: 25th to 27th November 2004.
Where: Warrambui Retreat and Conference Centre, Murrumbateman, NSW (approx 25 km north of Canberra).

Full weekend rates includes all accommodation and meals.

All bookings to the Steward. Steward: Adair MacDermid (Rob Bolin -

Site opens at 6pm Friday with a soup kitchen from 7pm.

Saturday is WAR, and siege weapon competition followed by the feast and pyjama party. Sunday will involve archery, heavy and rapier tourneys and, with any luck, followed by A&S and/or dance classes.

Their Majesties have been invited to the event.

Please note that if you book and do not attend, the stewarding team will have catered for you, and therefore will expect payment, by swiftest pigeon following the event.