Novice Scola

Come one, come all to the Novice Scola in the Barony of Carolingia! Whether you are new to the SCA, an old-timer, or somewhere in between, you are sure to enjoy our wide assortment of classes and activities. There are true beginner classes as well as intermediate classes.

Brandeis University, Olin-Sang Building, Waltham, MA

This is your chance to see "What we do" here in Carolingia and in the SCA in general. If you have always been interested in Arts and Sciences, or martial activities, or general SCA history, but never had a chance to learn more, now is the time!

The event is free to all, but a donation is asked to cover our expenses.

There is no dayboard, as the event starts at 1pm, but a light dinner will be provided at 6pm for a low fee of $4. Dinner will be followed by a ball at 7pm.

There will also be a garb swap in its own room. If you have garb that you no longer wear or that no longer fits, you can bring it and swap it for something else. You can also donate it to a newbie!

Directions to the site as well as more information are available on the event website at . Watch this site for more updates as the event grows closer!

The autocrat can be contacted at .